In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation to the SPCA for your birthday, graduation, or other special occasion. Your act of kindness will help to provide safe shelter, nutritious food and medical care for animals.

As a small token of our incredible appreciation, you will receive the following:

  • Your name listed on the official Celebrations Club page
  • A color-changing cup and notepad with the SPCA’s logo
  • $5 gift certificate towards any Petique purchase (excluding food)

Download a Celebrations Club enrollment form to turn in with your donation so we can properly acknowledge your generosity!


Current Members

September 2016: Alaina Jachlewski
September 2016: Ellie Andol
September 2016: Juliana Kukoda
September 2016: Abigail Troell
October 2016: Tait Nowak
October 2016: Caitlyn Hennessey
October 2016: Ella Waffner
October 2016: Willow D.
October 2016: Evan Mundie
October 2016: Preston Murray
October 2016: Lucy Auld
November 2016: Olivia Rutowski
November 2016: Alexis-Rae Garra
November 2016: Beatrice Charnock
March 2017: Declan Goldhawk
March 2017: Alexis Winder
March 2017: Jameson Ehrenreich
April 2017: Maya Halliwell
April 2017: Madison Tobin
May 2017: Makenna Kantenwein
May 2017: Keira Tokarczyk
July 2017: Zoey Skorupa
August 2017: Ani Klein
August 2017: Fiona Klein

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