PLEASE NOTE: Our SPCA animals are hibernating for the holiday, giving thanks for the people who have cared for and loved them all year long! Visit this page again in January to see the latest Animals on the Airwaves! In the meantime, here are some past pets who have found loving homes thanks to caring media partners!

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WGR 550 Sports Radio Furry Fan of the Week!

WIVB-TV Ch. 4 (Mondays, 12:15 pm)

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WBEN 930 AM (Fridays, 8:52 am)

2 The Rescue, WGRZ-TV Ch. 2 (Fridays, 5:15 am & 11:15 am)

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Spectrum Cable News SPCA OFFSITES (Thursdays, 6:00 am – 8:00 pm, Buffalo Spectrum Cable News)


Wednesdays * 8:10 am * Star 102.5 FM



  • Littermates! Their owner passed away and they are both six years old.
  • Jacob is . . . chubbier than his brother. Jacob weighs 15 pounds and Eli weighs 11.5 pounds.
  • Jacob is braver than his brother. Jacob will come out immediately from the little toy house they enjoy spending time in to meet the person in their room. This is a true testament to the work our AdvoCATS do because last Friday, neither would come out of the house on their own!
  • Eli prefers the comfort of the house, but he definitely enjoys being pet.
  • There’s no doubt in our minds that once they are in a home of their own, they will be out and about and make amazing pets!
  • Meet them in our Featured Pet Room in the front of the Adoptions Lobby!


Fridays * 8:52 am * Newsradio 930 WBEN



  • Eight months old, and ready to give you all the puppy love you can take! 
  • Scrappy, a lovely, little girl, is asking a very direct question: “What About Me?” And if it’s not clear enough on her tag, her eyes say it all! 
  • This young lady is on her best behavior, waiting to learn all kinds of new things from her new family! She’s learning quickly, so it won’t take long!
  • Scrappy will be featured as our Newshound at 8:52 am Friday, October 27 on Newsradio 930 WBEN with Susan Rose and Brian Mazurowski! 

Mike Randall on WKBW-TV

Saturdays * 9 am * AM Buffalo

*Each Saturday during AM Buffalo (Ch. 7, 9:00 am), Mike Randall features an SPCA animal NOT up for adoption….yet. At the time of filming, the animal featured by Mike is a YELP FOR HELP patient, receiving some kind of costly veterinary care at the SPCA prior to adoption. Missed a week? Look for the most current Yelp for Help segment on AM Buffalo’s website page here!

See previous years’ segments here!

*What is Yelp for Help? Not every animal comes to the SPCA healthy and adoptable. Countless animals suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries, usually the result of abuse or neglect. They require immediate, and expensive, veterinary care that is often beyond our resources.

*Once treatment is administered, many animals require additional medical attention or intense socialization or behavior modification.

*The community-funded Yelp for Help program offsets the SPCA’s cost of caring for these special pets.

*Can you give these animals in need the chances they deserve? Become a Yelp For Help donor! You can even become a YELP HELPER, giving on a monthly basis! To donate by phone, contact Colleen at 716-875-7360, ext. 227.

WIVB Pet of the Week

Mondays * 12:15 pm * WIVB-TV Ch. 4

*Every Monday, SPCA CEO and President Gary Willoughby or another SPCA representative brings a lovable dog, cat, or other animal right to the WIVB-TV Ch. 4 studio!

*Tune in to Ch. 4’s noon newscast each Monday to see if there’s a cutie kitty or canine YOU can bring home!

WGR 550 Sports Radio

FURRY FAN of the Week!

Mondays  *  6am-10 am  *  The Howard Simon Show


Every Monday, WGR 550 Sports Radio brings you a new SPCA FURRY FAN OF THE WEEK!

Tune in to WGR 550 AM Radio every Monday morning during the Howard Simon Show 6 am – 10 am to hear Howard and Jeremy White tell you which little fan has the biggest heart of all! Dogs, cats, pups, kittens, bunnies, birds…who will win the title this week? Find out first-hand here!

Thanks to WGR, DeLacy Ford, and TLC Pet Food for scoring a touchdown with this all-new #FurryFan feature!


Fridays * Daybreak & 11 am news * WGRZ-TV Ch. 2



  • Seven months old with the puppy energy to prove it!
  • There’s just something about sideways tongues, isn’t there? It makes cute animals even cuter!
  • Chester was transferred in as a stray, possibly hit by a car, all fixed up now and ready to go!
  • Look for Chester on “2 The Rescue” with Kevin O’Neill during WGRZ-TV’s 11:00 am newscast Friday, October 20!
  • Chester will be available on Friday, October 20 at 12 noon!
  • For more information, call SPCA Adoptions, 716-875-7360, ext. 207!

WECK So Happy Together with the Erie County SPCA!

Tuesdays * 8:35 am * WECK 102.9 FM/1230 AM



Ava is eager to please people . . . sometimes! This three-year-old knows the cue “sit” and she comes when you call her! She’s not too fond of being in her kennel, but once she’s out, especially in our play yards, she’s full of fun and joy! When she has had enough of playing in the yard, she sits patiently by the gate waiting for the staff or volunteer to get the clue and bring her back inside. This girl knows what she likes and we think she enjoys training humans to know what she wants to do next!

Ava can be a little picky with her canine friends, so a meet and greet with your dog is required before she goes home with you.

Once you get to know Ava, we promise that you’ll find her irresistible as we already do. Ava’s always smiling and we know she’d smile even more in her own home!

Hear more about Ava on HALLOWEEN at 8:45 am on Buffalo’s Very Own WECK Radio 102.9 FM/1230 AM!

Meet Birdo at his foster home!


Hi! My name is Birdo and I’m a feisty Quaker Parrot found as a stray (yep….a stray) in Medina last month! I was on the move, seeking fun, friendship, and most of all, LOVE!

I love playing peek-a-boo, “fetch,” and exploring new places – but I learned my lesson on that one.

After a long day of play there’s nothing better than snuggling with my foster mom; she says I’m a real sweetie. We make each other happy together, and I’m ready to make a new mom or dad happy too!

Living at the shelter made me nervous so I am currently ruling the roost in my foster home.

If you have any questions, or you’re interested in making an appointment to meet me, please call my friends at the SPCA! Just dial 716-875-7360, ask for Adoptions, and tell them you want to make an appointment to meet Birdo in foster care!


Question: What’s sweet and sassy and always makes you feel better no matter what? Answer: Ginger Ale! And NOW you know how I got my name!

I’m 7 years old, and a little shy at first. That’s why I tend to hide when a lot of people are around. Yes, it makes me feel safe, but the problem is, nobody knows I’m available for adoption! And you can SEE I’d make a great pet! Just watch my video at !

See me singing in this photo? Bring me home and let’s make beautiful music together every day! The SPCA’s volunteer AdvoCATS love me and can tell you more about me, and how I’d thrive in a quiet, peaceful home that includes a lot of head scratches!!

Meet me at the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Road, West Seneca shelter! For more information, call the SPCA: 716-875-7360, ext. 233!

Adopt one of my dog friends now, and on Saturday you’ll walk side-by-side at the SPCA Paws in the Park Dog Walk! If you and your new pet are way too busy that day, you can donate to your favorite walker! Details on how to register and/or donate are here!


Thursdays *  6 am – 8 pm * Spectrum News Buffalo

*Every Thursday, Spectrum cable customers can tune into Spectrum News Buffalo and check out the SPCA’s animals available at one of several offsite adoption locations!

*Each hour on Thursdays, 6 am – 8 pm, Spectrum will feature the SPCA segment! To see SPCA news on Spectrum, visit  and search SPCA!

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