What is Foster Care?

Puppies, kittens, cats, dogs, and more…each year hundreds not yet ready for adoption are admitted to the SPCA. Foster Care is a program specifically designed to place those animals into temporary homes where they can receive the care that they need.

The best part? If you (or someone you know!) falls in love with your foster pet, you can adopt before the animal is ever placed for general adoption! That’s just one of the many perks of being an SPCA foster parent!

What are some of the reasons an animal is placed into foster care?

  • Lack of space
  • Underweight
  • Too young /needs bottle feeding (when the mother cat is not available)
  • Nursing litter
  • Emergency boarding situations
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Ringworm treatment


What are my duties as a foster parent?

  • To provide daily care, cleaning, feeding, and administration of medication if prescribed (food, medications, and other supplies are all provided by the SPCA).
  • To socialize and provide TLC for the animals in your care.
  • To provide transportation to and from the shelter for any necessary medical or vaccination appointments.
  • To be COMMITTED TO YOUR FOSTER ANIMAL(S) FOR THE DURATION OF CARE! Your foster care time commitment is dependent on each animal’s particular circumstances and can range from one week to months. We will discuss each animal’s projected needs with you on a case-by-case basis.



How do I become a foster parent for the SPCA?

Fill out a Foster Care Application!

Applications can be picked up directly from the shelter or downloaded here.

Once filled out, the application can be mailed or brought to our 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca, NY 14224 shelter, or the application can be emailed to fostercare@yourspca.org. 

For more information on the SPCA’s Foster Care program, and to learn how you can help save lives by becoming a foster parent, just call the SPCA at (716) 875-7360, ext. 216, or email fostercare@yourspca.org.

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