The Stanford & Judith C. Lipsey Veterinary Clinic at the SPCA
300 Harlem Rd.
West Seneca, NY 14224
716-531-4700 |

We are thrilled to welcome back Dr. Puleo from her maternity leave! As we transition back to our normal operations, we will first ensure priority of our existing clients by opening up appointments, and will ultimately reopen on a full-scale basis. We’ll keep you posted as we gradually start to welcome new clients again, so keep watching this page! We hope to see you and your pet soon!

(And even if it takes us a few days to return your call or email, don’t worry….we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can! Until, then take a cat nap and be assured that we’ll be in contact soon!)


At this time, new clients are not being accepted at the Lipsey Clinic (please see above). Appointments are being scheduled far in advance for existing clients; if you are an existing client, please make an advance appointment by calling 716-531-4700 or email At this time, we cannot accept walk-in clients; appointments are mandatory. Thanks for your understanding.

See if there are job openings in the Lipsey Clinic here.

Offering Low-Cost Basic Veterinary Services for Dogs & Cats

The Lipsey Veterinary Clinic at the SPCA provides low-cost wellness examinations, vaccines and basic preventatives for owned animals. The clinic treats minor medical issues and provides diagnostics.

We do not treat serious illnesses or injuries that require extensive care and/or hospitalization.

The Lipsey Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer low-cost animal care. While there are many diagnostic services available at the Lipsey Clinic, the diagnosis and treatment of a complicated or critical health issue may require referral to a specialist.

Cats must be in secure carriers. One cat to a carrier, please.
Dogs must be on leashes.

All services require an annual physical examination be on file.


Individual Vaccines

• Rabies
• Bordetella

Additional Services for Dogs and Cats

• Spay/neuter surgeries
• Some soft tissue surgeries
• Nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning
• Deworming
• Dental procedures with full-mouth X-rays
• Flea preventatives
• Prescription diet food

Additional Services for Dogs

• Heartworm and tick disease testing
• Heartworm preventatives
• Lepto vaccine
• Lyme vaccine

Additional Services for Cats

• FeLV/FIV test
• Feline leukemia vaccine


•  Bloodwork and urinalysis
•  Cytology of ears, skins, and masses
•  Ability to refer to full-service laboratory for further diagnostics
•  X-rays can be scheduled for non-emergency events

Pricing for diagnostics and treatment will be dependent on the specific medical issue and prescribed medications


•  Feliaway and Adaptil products
•  Dental care kits
•  Prescription food and supplements

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