Three Dogs from Louisiana Ready to Find Their WNY Homes

Two weeks ago, three SPCA Serving Erie County staff members traveled to St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, to help rebuild the St. Landry Parish Animal Control. While our staff members have returned to Western New York, our efforts to help St. Landry Parish have continued.

Yesterday, the BISSELL Pet Foundation, Cathy Bissell, and Race for Life Rescue flew three dogs to New York from Louisiana. The dogs arrived at the Greater Binghamton Airport and were then driven to the SPCA Serving Erie County by dedicated volunteers Red and Bob.

Two of the three dogs, Zoey and Dozer Brooks, came from the St. Landry Parish Animal Control to help alleviate some of the stress of over-population in their shelter. Tequila came from another shelter in Louisiana that does not adopt out pitbull-type dogs.

“By taking Tequila in, we’re saving her from the grim reality of being euthanized because of her apparent breed,” said SPCA Officer Lindsey Wood. “As for Zoey and Dozer Brooks, we worked with them while we were at St. Landry Parish Animal Control, and we quickly fell in love. The shelter was a very difficult environment for Dozer Brooks, and we knew our shelter would be a better fit for him.”

Once they arrived on site, our dedicated veterinary and animal care teams ensured these three newcomers were comfortable and well taken care of following their long journey. While these three are not available for adoption just yet, they will be soon! Keep an eye on


How ‘Mow Mow’ Found His Way Home

The stars were aligned today when Shannon and Allie of Chautauqua County decided to make a spur-of-the-moment visit to the SPCA. They began by looking at the cats who were available for adoption when they noticed a familiar face.

“I went into the room and called his name,” Shannon said. “He looked right up at me.”

It turns out Mow Mow had been missing for two years from Shannon’s Cherry Creek home.

Mow Mow was brought to the SPCA on January 14 after being abandoned with eight other cats in a Buffalo home. While at the SPCA, he was vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.

When he first arrived, he was apprehensive of his new surroundings. You would often find him cuddled up in his favorite cat house in one of our cat condo rooms.

Fortunately, Mow Mow’s favorite cat house was in the wash this morning so he didn’t have his favorite spot to snuggle in. Instead, he was out on a cat bed when Shannon and Allie walked by.

“It was clear right away that Mow Mow was their cat,” said Cary Munschauer, SPCA senior cat behaviorist. “It was an emotional reunion!”

While Mow Mow was hesitant to tell us about his adventures these past two years, we’re so happy that this family was reunited at the SPCA!


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