Emaciated Dog Found in Buffalo Garbage Tote

January 22, 2019
By: SPCA Chief Communications Officer Gina Browning

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The SPCA’s Shelby O’Neil from our Behavior and Training Department with Charlie!

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2/1/19: Charlie sneaking a treat!


The SPCA’s Gina Browning (left) and Dr. Helene Chevalier with our star, CHARLIE!


The SPCA’s Bethany Kloc giving Charlie a hug!

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Charlie 1-28-19

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-January 25 update: Hear Charlie’s update on NewsRadio 930 WBEN here. Charlie made it through another night! While his platelet levels are still very low, additional test results that should arrive later today or tomorrow will tell Dr. Chevalier and the veterinary team much more about any specialized medication and other treatments Charlie may require. Dr. Chevalier is still very careful to caution Charlie’s fans that, while he is making progress as far as weight gain and strength, we need to remember that he may be in crisis internally and his health could turn at any moment. For now, Charlie’s tail is wagging, and clearly, in these photos with Emily from the SPCA’s Behavior and Training Department, he’s thrilled with a Kong toy that an anonymous friend brought to the SPCA today especially for Charlie. We at the SPCA thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers…please keep it up!

Emily, in the SPCA’s Behavior and Training Department, has been one of the dedicated staffers working with Charlie

-January 24 update: Charlie’s resting today after a long night. Some of his blood work came back late yesterday showing some very serious abnormalities, which led to the decision to perform a whole blood transfusion late last night. This morning he was resting comfortably and still is (as you see, he is now donning a fashionable cone in our Dog ICU) but his prognosis for a full recovery is guarded. The SPCA’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Helene Chevalier says that the blood work has been repeated, and we are hoping to have those results and further diagnostic results by tomorrow to determine the best treatment options for Charlie, but she is extremely concerned about this type of blood disease. This is why, with emaciation cases of these extremes, although he seems very happy, we are cautious about what’s happening internally. If Charlie survives, she says, he will have a long road ahead of him. We’re letting Charlie rest today and giving him the day off from videos, but we’re still hoping for your kind prayers and thoughts; we know Charlie has a strong spirit to survive. We will provide updates on Charlie’s progress on Facebook.

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Listen to Charlie’s story & hear from Dr. Chevalier in this video >>

Thanks to the actions of some very observant City of Buffalo Sanitation Department workers and representatives from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, a dog close to death is now being cared for at the SPCA Serving Erie County.

“Charlie” was found today in a garbage tote at a residence in the Bailey Ave./Walden Ave. area of Buffalo. City of Buffalo Sanitation Department employees found the dog during scheduled garbage collection tasks earlier this morning. The dog was immediately transferred by the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter to the SPCA Serving Erie County, where he received emergency life-saving care.

Charlie was unable to stand on his own, and his temperature upon arrival at the SPCA registered at only 92 degrees after being a mere 90 degrees shortly after being found.  The emaciated dog, an adult male Pit Bull Terrier mix, received fluids, antibiotics, and pain killers while being warmed as quickly as possible. He has several pressure sores on various parts of his body, and numerous cuts and scrape on his head, face, and other areas.

SPCA Animal Cruelty Investigator Paul LeShay helps hold and comfort an emaciated Charlie

At the time of this writing, Charlie’s temperature had increased to 98.5 degrees and he was able to hold up his head, stand for very short periods of time, and was wagging his tail. SPCA Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Helene Chevalier cautions, however, that, due to the severity of the emaciation and the inability to know at this time the condition of Charlie’s internal organs and their ability to operate effectively, it is too soon to make predictions on survival, although she is optimistic.

SPCA Animal Cruelty Investigators are asking for information from anyone who may be familiar with this dog and how he ended up in such poor physical condition, and information on who may have placed the dog in the garbage tote. Anyone with information that could prove helpful in an investigation is encouraged to call the SPCA at 716-875-7360 and speak with an officer or dispatch operator, or hit extension 221 to leave a message for SPCA Investigator Bill Heine. The SPCA will respond to anonymous tips. Keep watching YourSPCA.org or the SPCA’s Facebook page for updates on Charlie’s progress.