Because some of the SPCA’s transports are publicized, a lot of people see the animals who are being admitted to the SPCA, which creates a lot of interest for them! We love that!

You may have seen an animal (or animals!) that you’d like to know more about and you’d like to speak with someone about him/her. Our staff and volunteer can be quickly inundated with calls and this isn’t productive for anyone! In lieu of calling, we’ve created this page to answer the most common questions we get about animals who come in through a transport.

– The SPCA can not hold a specific animal or put you on a waiting list for an animal.

– The puppies, dogs, or other animals transported to the SPCA have only just arrived! There are so many factors that go into making sure an animal is ready to be adopted, which means we don’t know when animals from a transport will be available for adoption. The SPCA does not handle animals in a “cookie-cutter” manner; because we examine, evaluate, and when necessary, treat these animals as individuals, there is no way of knowing when each will be available for adoption.

– When animals are ready for adoption, their profiles are listed on our website on the Adoptable Animals pages. Profiles are removed as soon as animals are adopted. (If you see an animal  on the Adoptable Animals page and you return later and don’t see the animal, this means the animal has been adopted.)

– Here’s the big one: Puppies made available for adoption are generally adopted within hours of being made available.

– Any other questions about the adoption process? Read our Adoption FAQs and find a sample of our adoption contract here. To hear a recorded version of this message, please call 716-875-7360, ext. 406.

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