October 21, 2020


I hope everyone is doing the best they can to get through these trying times.  We have all been through a lot of change, and it’s not over yet. The Lipsey Clinic is also growing and changing, and with new management we are trying new things. We hope you are as excited as we are to grow and embrace these changes.

Starting in November, we will begin a solid schedule of appointments and surgeries.  We will be open for exam appointments Monday, Tuesday and Friday of each week.  Thursday will be reserved for surgery, and Wednesday for technician-led appointments only (you can call us for more details about which you may require).  Depending on need, surgery may expand to another day each week. Please note that everything will still be on an appointment basis, including medication pickups.

Speaking of expanding, what we can offer has grown as well as our availability. We still cannot provide the intensive care needed for a critical illness or injury, but we can provide the diagnostics and treatment necessary for many milder and chronic ailments like arthritis, thyroid conditions, skin and ear infections, etc.  We will also begin offering the Purina line of prescription diets in-house and a small selection of retail and over the counter items.

Another big change is our exam fee schedule.  While we have slightly increased the cost of your pet’s full and comprehensive annual exam, we’ve lowered the cost for seeing the doctor in between those annual appointments. And you can still get a la carte services like nail trims done without an exam so long as you’ve seen us within a year.

I welcome any feedback you have about the changes we’ve made, and I’d love to hear about your experiences with us, and if there’s anything we can do better or offer that isn’t already available. Feel free to email me directly or call the clinic and ask for my extension. Also, we love to see your pet being happy and healthy at home; please send us photos and updates!

Please continue to be safe, wash your hands, and stay kind to one another.

In good health,

Shauna Greene
Practice Manager, Lipsey Clinic