Officer Lindsey Wood, a dedicated 19-year veteran of the SPCA, was checking a Facebook lost and found page Monday afternoon when she stumbled upon an unusual post. A woman was shocked when she discovered a 4-foot iguana perched in a tree in her backyard! Officer Wood responded, advising the woman that iguanas cannot thrive in our environment and suggested she call the SPCA for assistance.

Almost immediately, the homeowner called SPCA dispatch, and SPCA Officers Wood and Maleskis embarked on a mission to the Clifford Heights neighborhood in Amherst. Upon their arrival, they spotted the iguana luxuriating on a powerline. Aware of the potential hazards associated with powerlines, they promptly contacted National Grid US for guidance. Jeff Wagner from National Grid came out and kindly offered his expertise and reassured the officers that the iguana was situated on the phone lines, posing no immediate danger.

Encouraged by this information, they decided to attempt a rescue operation. It required an hour of hard work, and Officers Wood and Maleskis, accompanied by Mr. Wagner, successfully retrieved the iguana and secured it in a carrier!

Once safely retrieved, the SPCA officers brought the iguana to Dr. Hess at Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center. Dr. Hess conducted a thorough examination, revealing that the iguana, now named Clifford, was in good health and had not sustained any injuries. He is currently recuperating comfortably at the SPCA after his grand outdoor escapade.

The SPCA and Clifford extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their help in getting our new friend into safe hands! Their contributions exemplify the compassionate spirit of the SPCA! #SPCACompassionInAction