Abandoned Dog Found in Extremely Critical Condition; SPCA Officers Asking for Information on Owner

July 23-26, 2022
By: SPCA Chief Communications Officer Gina Lattuca

SAD UPDATE, July 26 — We must share very sad news regarding Faye in this update. Our hearts are breaking. Early this morning we thought we had a positive update to share on Faye and her survival through another night. Sadly, our veterinary team received an urgent call from the team at the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Cheektowaga. Faye had lapsed into respiratory distress.

Despite the expert care Faye was receiving, Faye’s respiratory system was being impacted by severe inflammation and probable fluid accumulation in the lungs causing her distress. This can often occur after a dog has been subjected to a traumatic injury, and it may be very rapid. In her case, this condition, her breed as a brachycephalic dog (a dog with a shortened or “smushed face”), and the compounding effects of her trauma all led medical providers to a heart-wrenching decision. We had to release Faye from her pain and suffering.

SPCA Vice President of Veterinary Services Melanie Rushforth shared, “Faye received such high-quality, professional, and loving medical care at the end of her life. She was able to pass humanely, surrounded by loving and compassionate humans who did everything in their power to save her.”

To all of you who cared about this dog, loved her, prayed for her, donated towards her care, a mere thank you cannot compare to the level of affection and concern you exhibited. It’s our belief that there is no way Faye didn’t, on some level, feel the thoughts, energy, and prayers headed her way these few days. Because of the actions taken by those who initially found her, the work of rescue officers, the care of compassionate veterinary teams, and because of the concern exhibited by all of you, rather than continuing to suffer alone for who knows how much longer, this beautiful girl knew peace, comfort, warmth, and love during her final days. There is no level of thanks we could offer that comes close to the value of what you provided; you gave us the ability to try to save her.

[We are still hoping for additional leads, including anonymous tips, in this case and remind those with any information to contact our officers at (716) 875-7360, ext. 214.]

As Melanie reminds us, “While we all hoped for a positive turn of events for Faye, we can still be grateful that we all were able to be involved with her rescue and end-of-life care. As we navigate the rest of this case, we can be confident that justice for Faye is the ultimate motivation behind this investigation that we hope will lead to answers associated with her trauma, abandonment, and ultimate death. Faye is a sad  reminder of why organizations like the SPCA Serving Erie County exist, and why support from the community is imperative. Faye’s life mattered. The quality of her end-of-life care mattered.

“We are privileged and fortunate to be a part of such a supportive community that finds value in the humane treatment of pets and the place they hold in our hearts.”

UPDATE, July 25 —
Fay survived the night and is still in the care of the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic. Veterinarians there have been in constant communication with veterinarians at the SPCA Serving Erie County. Faye has started responding to treatment for a severe infection, but in addition to the other trauma she has experienced, she is still in critical condition with a guarded prognosis. At this time, Faye will remain under the 24-hour care of this emergency team in this facility equipped to treat and monitor her condition round-the-clock. Decisions are being made hour-by-hour based on how Faye responds to treatments and medications. One again, anyone with information on Faye or on those responsible for her condition  is encouraged to call SPCA Officers Wood or Maleskis at 716-875-7360, ext. 214. Officers will respond to anonymous tips. 

UPDATE, 7 a.m. July 24 —Overnight, Officer Wood received news from the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic that Faye’s initial tests and bloodwork results are not favorable. There is increased concern regarding her survival and infection that may have surpassed the point of treatment. Discussion is ongoing between clinic veterinarians and the SPCA’s veterinary team. As we learn more we will provide updates. More than ever, the SPCA would like any information surrounding Faye and who may be responsible for her suffering. We will respond to anonymous tips. Anyone with information is encouraged to call SPCA Officers Wood or Maleskis at 716-875-7360, ext. 214.

July 23, 2022 — The SPCA is searching for information on a severely injured dog found yesterday that was left abandoned on Saint Joseph Avenue near West Shore and Fay Street in the city of Buffalo. The dog had a brutally-injured right front leg and was near death upon arrival by SPCA Animal Cruelty Officers Lindsey Wood and Jennifer Maleskis.

Wood and Maleskis rushed the dog to the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Cheektowaga in critical condition. The dog survived amputation surgery and her first night at the clinic but her caretakers are careful to share with us that she is still in an extremely compromised state.

SPCA staff visited the dog, now named “Faye,” this afternoon, and she managed to wag her tail and was even able to eat a bit. The staff at the clinic tells us she is on heavy pain medication, and there is still no certainty as to whether she will survive; they are awaiting test results which will determine Faye’s levels of infection and illness. For now, however, Faye is resting comfortably and is receiving much love and care.

Thank you to the staff at the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Cheektowaga for taking wonderful care of Faye.

If you recognize this dog, or know who the owners are, please contact SPCA Officers Wood or Maleskis at 716-875-7360 ext. 214. Officers will respond to anonymous tips.

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