Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane & Pat McAfee Follow Through for SPCA & Bills Muttfia After Golf Score Bet

August 7, 2023
By: SPCA Chief Communications Officer Gina Lattuca

The turf is definitely greener at the SPCA Serving Erie County today, where 78 equals 25,000!

When Brandon Beane appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on YouTube Friday, Aug. 4, McAfee made good on a golf score bet previously set with our Buffalo Bills general manager.

The bet? If Beane shot a 79 in an upcoming golf game, McAfee would donate $25,000 to one of Beane’s favorite charities. Under 79 would double the donation!

On Friday, the results were broadcast live during the last hour of the show.

Beane clearly won the game, with a score of 78!

McAfee asked where Beane would like the $50,000 to go, and Beane chose to divide the winnings: $25,000 to the  Carson Senfield Impact Foundation in memory of Carson Senfield, and $25,000 to the SPCA Serving Erie County in honor of the Bills Muttfia started by Beane and his wife, SPCA Board Member Hayley!

Approximately one hour after the show ended, the SPCA received the $25,000 online donation from McAfee!

Play the entire show here! Beane’s segment begins in the third hour, at approximately 2:15, and he makes his donation choices at approximately 2:26!

Thank you to Pat McAfee for playing through, and to Brandon Beane for driving the donation! It’s unanimous at the SPCA: that’s what friendly wagers are “fore!”