Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Investigating Recent Canine Respiratory Syndrome

December 8, 2023 —  From the SPCA’s Lipsey Clinic: SPCA Serving Erie County’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allison Kean shares with dog owners of our community information and a timeline recently released by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine on a sometimes-fatal respiratory illness affecting dogs nationwide.

In the release, Dr. Brian Collins of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine urges dog owners to be aware of the symptoms. “One of the hallmark signs is coughing. Dogs may also show other clinical signs such as sneezing, difficulty breathing, discharge from the eyes or nose and decreased appetite.”

Read the full Cornell release >>

An important part of the data from Cornell cautions pet owners against their dogs’ prolonged contact with other dogs, urging them to select boarding kennels and daycare facilities only when absolutely necessary.

As more information on this illness becomes known, the SPCA Serving Erie County will share details here.

If your dog is experiencing pneumonia-like symptoms that could be connected to this illness, contact your veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic immediately.

–Gina Lattuca, SPCA Serving Erie County Chief Communications Officer