May 5, 2020 — Yesterday morning,  the SPCA’s Wildlife Department received a call about a nesting mallard who had been struck and killed by a car the night prior. The homeowner knew where the nest was, and [the homeowner called because] the babies were starting to hatch!

When our Wildlife team arrived on location,  half of the 14 eggs had hatched into fuzzy babies; the other ducks were still pipping out of their eggs. Without a mother, however, the ducks that remained in their eggs had become very hypothermic and were struggling to escape their egg-ey confines!

All 14 babies and eggs were brought to the shelter and incubated. It was a rough start for the eight that were hatching, but by the end of the day, all duckies were alive and recovering in the incubators!
        –Dawn Karipidis, SPCA Serving Erie County