SPCA Serving Erie County Paws for Love: HOUSE CALLS, Providing Virtual Comfort to Your Home!

April 2, 2020
By: SPCA Chief Communications Officer Gina Lattuca

UPDATE, MAY 5: Starting today, receive a dose or two of virtual comfort from our Paws for Love animals as they make their house calls right on the SPCA’s Facebook page! Get your daily dose of therapy here!


The SPCA Serving Erie County Paws for Love therapy animals have officially been relegated to house calls. Make that VIRTUAL house calls.

These Paws for Love power-paws (and feet!) have the ability to heal and comfort right through your screen…from their houses to YOUR houses!

No pharmacy visits. No trips to the doctor. No active ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Gunnar and Howdy are trying to relieve the stress of folks getting a busy signal every time they call Unemployment.

Simply stay home and visit this SPCA Serving Erie County Paws for Love: HOUSE CALLS playlist! Each visit will bring you one of our four-footed ‘out-of-work’ Paws for Love therapy pets offering some holistic, home-side comfort…and we guarantee you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Plus, now you can tune in to WKBW-TV Ch. 7 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning between 6:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. for your 3x/weekly dose of PAWS FOR LOVE comfort and therapy! With Ch. 7’s help, you’ll feel a little comfort first thing in the morning! What a way to start the day!

Wilma misses her therapy work so much that she’s taken to hoarding
Ruby decided to take a cue from Wilma
Winston misses his visits to Children’s Hospital, the Buffalo Niagara Airport, and Greenfield Manor.
This hiatus from therapy work has taught Sydney that a big part of effective therapy is to let others play the therapist!
Yeti and Rubie are ready to return to their work comforting people at any moment…but for now, HOUSE CALLS will have to do!

SPCA Paws for Love: HOUSE CALLS begins on WKBW-TV this week. Can’t wait? Visit this playlist for daily doses of HOUSE CALLS comfort! Then click the image below to see Ch. 7’s Jeff Slawson introduce the House Calls feature!

For more information, contact SPCA Chief Communications Officer Gina Lattuca: 716-875-7360, ext. 211.

UPDATE April 14, 2020:
Read more about the all-new SPCA Paws for Love: HOUSE CALLS, Project ECMC, bringing Paws for Love healing and comfort to the hardworking staff at Erie County Medical Center, here >>