SPCA Compassion in Action:

October 21, 2022 —
Earlier this week, Mocha was brought to the SPCA with a pyometra, an infected uterus, which required surgery to remove. Following surgery, our vet services staff cleaned up Mocha to help her recover. From having a pain patch applied to her tail to getting necessary vaccines and having blood drawn for lab work, our team ensured that Mocha was taken care of. Mocha is still recovering from her surgery but is in good spirits. Just this morning, she was standing up and wagging her tail in her kennel. As she recovers, let’s send some good thoughts her way! We’ll keep you updated on her condition. Thank you to our vet services staff for all the incredible work you do. #SPCACompassionInAction

–Jillian LeBlanc, SPCA CCO Assistant/ Social Media Coordinator