May 12, 2020 — In the midst of the health pandemic and our COVID-19 Response phase, animal rescues are continuing at the SPCA Serving Erie County.

This news comes to us from our own John Lattimer, reporting from the Wildlife Department earlier this month: three baby possums were still with their mom, who had passed away, when they were all found by an observant community member. Two of the babies were attached and one was in its mom’s pouch. Once in the care of the SPCA’s Wildlife Department, they were extremely cold and dehydrated but two were quite active. Sadly, the dehydration and hypothermia proved to be too much for the third baby, who was gone by the following morning, but the others are being cared for by John, who hasn’t been getting much sleep since they require feeding every 2-3 hours (yes, during the night too!).

Saturday, May 9 was a busy day for some ducklings who were seemingly trying to take a shortcut when it comes to flying. The SPCA Serving Erie County received a call from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport about ducklings who had fallen through a sewer grate. Officer Ivory rushed to the scene and was not only able to rescue all the ducklings, but he was able to reunite almost all of them with mom! One little duckling proved a bit too small and slow to keep up with mom and babies on the move, so he was brought to the SPCA’s Wildlife Department amongst other little ones in our care until they’re old enough to be released!

And when one Buffalo individual had to be hospitalized due to non-COVID-related complications, the family, unable to care for the animals or receive other assistance, was not sure where to turn with the individual’s 7 adult cats and 12 kittens. Because the SPCA has continued serving the community in emergency situations, our officers were on the scene to help gather the kittens and bring them to our West Seneca shelter for examinations, care, and possible foster placement.

To see how the SPCA Serving Erie County is continuing to serve the community during its COVID-19 Response phase, please visit https://YourSPCA.org/COVIDResponse .

— Gina Lattuca, SPCA Serving Erie County Chief Communications Officer