Erie County Juvenile Charged with Animal Cruelty

February 28, 2017

By: Gina Browning, SPCA Chief Communications Officer

A juvenile in Erie County was convicted of animal cruelty after a thorough SPCA Serving Erie County investigation uncovered the death of two kittens. That juvenile appeared in Erie County Family Court last Friday and pled guilty to animal cruelty.

The SPCA’s charging officer, also a NYS Peace Officer, has worked on the investigation since fall of 2016. The officer worked with representatives of the District Attorney’s Office and the Erie County Attorney’s Office in establishing the charges.

Sentencing will take place in April.


Those who witness a situation that might constitute
cruelty and/or violence toward animals in Erie County,
including animals left outdoors with inappropriate
shelter in yards, are encouraged to report the
circumstances to the SPCA Serving Erie County:
716-875-7360 or