Farm Pig Cared For by SPCA After Alleged Stabbing; Officers Seeking Information

January 17, 2017
By: Gina Browning, Chief Communications Officer

February 22 Update: This little piggy was ADOPTED! Tabitha is in her new home! Dr. Timothy O’Leary of Little Valley fell in love with our little girl, all healed up and now a happy and healthy 77 pounds! She headed home yesterday and is enthusiastically adjusting to her new farm life!

January 31 Update: Check out Tabitha’s latest news story detailing her progress right here!

January 27 Update:
Based on Tabitha’s swift healing from her alleged stabbed wounds, her stitches and staples were removed by SPCA veterinarian Dr. Karen Moran this week (see photo, right)! Tabitha’s swelling at the various stabbing sites is tremendously reduced and she continues to respond well to her treatment measures. It’s possible she will be placed on the farm of a local veterinarian, but she currently remains at the SPCA Serving Erie County’s Educational Farm for continued care. At this time, no information shared with SPCA animal cruelty investigators has led to a suspect; the SPCA continues to encourage those with information on who may be responsible for the act of animal cruelty to call our humane society at 716-629-3520. Keep watching for additional news on Tabitha’s potential adoption! 

January 20 Update: After a rough start to her recovery, Tabitha, the farm pig found stabbed in Sloan one week ago, seems to be feeling much better and is responding beautifully to her treatment. In a video posted this afternoon on the SPCA’s Facebook page, SPCA Assistant Farm Manager Patti Burg explained that if all continues to progress as expected, Tabitha’s staples and stitches may be removed as early as next week. No leads have led to furthering the investigation into this act of animal cruelty. Anyone with information on who may be responsible for committing this barbarous act is encouraged to contact the SPCA at 716-629-3520. Information from anonymous sources will be considered.


SPCA animal cruelty investigators are seeking information from residents who may have information on those responsible for the alleged stabbing of a farm pig in the Sloan area.
Mid-afternoon on Thursday, January 12, Cheektowaga Animal Control officers received a call from Rutland Avenue, Sloan residents reporting a farm pig in a yard alive and walking but bleeding profusely. The residents were able to put a cable tie-out around the pig’s neck to confine it until help could arrive.
Lead SPCA Animal Cruelty Investigator and Cheektowaga Animal Control Officer Aaron Kandefer and Cheektowaga Animal Control Officer Scott Thurn arrived at the property within minutes and found the pig to be fully mobile but steadily weakening. They rushed the pig to the SPCA’s on-site infirmary located at the 205 Ensminger Rd., Tonawanda shelter, where the animal was X-rayed and anesthetized for emergency surgery peformed by SPCA Veterinarian Dr. Karen Moran.
The pig is in guarded condition, recovering in the SPCA’s Educational Farm also located at the Ensminger Rd. property.
Kandefer suggests the pig was intentionally stabbed due to the appearance and depth of the wounds. Officers spoke with residents of the neighborhood, but obtained no tips that could further an investigation into the barbarous act.
Anyone with information on who may be responsible for committing this act of animal cruelty is encouraged to contact the SPCA at 716-629-3520. Information from anonymous sources will be considered.

To make a donation for the pig’s care, and to help other animals who require extensive veterinary care, please visit the Yelp for Help page.