By Shauna Greene, Veterinary Services Coordinator and Lipsey Clinic Manager

In the veterinary world, February is Pet Dental Health Month.  While it’s important to maintain your pet’s smile throughout the year, we take this month to showcase the importance of oral health.

All too often, we fail to notice issues with our pets’ teeth until dental disease is in advanced stages.  Just like in humans, unattended dental disease can cause other problems in animals.  We all think about the obvious bad breath, but rampant bacteria in an affected animal’s mouth can cause infection in the blood, leading to cardiac issues.  Liver and kidney function can also be impaired by bacterial infections that begin in the mouth.  But there are ways you can help!  Regular oral care, like brushing teeth and surgical cleanings, can reduce the risk of dental disease and keep your furry friend’s smile bright.

Expect installments throughout the month featuring ways to contribute to your pet’s oral health, and photos and videos of what dental surgery looks like at a vet’s office.

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