YOU can help prevent cruelty to animals!

It’s always sad to see an animal not used to love or affection. But what a joy when, after weeks of tender care, they can learn to trust in kindness again. Compassionate people like YOU make these miracles possible for animals who have known only suffering. Animals like Pizzelle…

Pizzelle, a 2-year-old stray cat, was found by a good Samaritan limping on the side of the road in December. Bitter cold out, the finder took the injured cat into her car and called the SPCA Serving Erie County. Our rescue agents met with the finder and brought Pizzelle to the shelter for further evaluation.

Our Veterinary Team quickly began to examine Pizzelle and recognized her front right leg was severely injured. It was first thought that Pizzelle may have been caught in a trap but after X-rays were taken, they showed buckshot in her foot and leg. It was determined that her leg was brutally fractured from a gunshot wound and would need to have the leg amputated. Until she was ready for surgery, she was administered pain medications, given an IV drip to help rehydrate herself, and placed on a proper meal plan so she would regain weight.

We are happy to announce that the surgery was a success and she made a quick recovery. Pizzelle was now walking around full of hope, just as if she still had all four legs, and she was adopted right before the holidays!

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