Like, oh my gawd! This June and July, the SPCA is throwin' it back to the totally tubular '80s with our gnarly SPC80s Adoption Sale!

SPC80s Flashback Sales: June 8 – 15 and July 6 – 13
Score a bodacious pet (1+ year old, any age for small animals) at our ’80s prices!
– Cats: $35 (Totally awesome!)
– Dogs: $55 (Gnarly!)
– Small animals: $15 (Fer sure, fer sure!)

Every Saturday is, Like, a Totally Different Sale!
– June 22: 25% off pets who’ve been chillin’ with us 8+ days!
– June 29: If you were born in the ’80s, snag 25% off any pet! Limit one pet.
– July 20: 25% off the adoptions of senior pets (8+ years) lookin’ for their new homes!
– July 27: A whopping 80% off for pets who’ve been waiting for their homes for 8+ days!

Spin the ’80s Prize Wheel Full of Totally Rad Prizes!
Get ready to spin our prize wheel by correctly answering a totally righteous ’80s trivia question or by taking a dog out on a Doggie Entourage presented by Moog! The wheel is totally loaded with tubular ’80s goodies and awesome adoption discounts.

– ’80s swag like slap bracelets and sunglasses!
– ’80s treats like Skittles and Ring Pops!
– Cha-Ching! Adoption discounts! (10% or $19.80 off available on non-sale days!)
– The Ultimate Score: ’80s adoption price for a cat, dog, or bunny (1+ year old)!
– And more!

Dudes and dudettes, scope out the SPCA’s totally tubular adoptable pets here! >>

Just a heads-up that these totally radical sales and coupons are only good at the SPCA’s main digs, not at our offsite adoption locations.