The SPCA’s Wildlife Department’s Recent Releases

July 17, 2020 — The summer is the SPCA’s Wildlife Department’s busiest time of year! Wildlife Hospital Supervisor Dawn wrote about two recent releases:

This Red-Tail Hawk came from the Depew/Cheektowaga French Road area and had a fractured right ulna. Dr. Slote determined that surgery was not an option. The broken pieces were aligned enough so we applied an immobilizing wrap. Every three days the bird was anesthetized for physical therapy. The wrap would be removed and the wing would undergo a series of stretches and motions. It is incredibly important that all the ligaments and tendons stay loose and limber or they risk rupturing once the wrap is off entirely. After roughly a month she made a full recovery and was released in her home territory.

This Snapping Turtle was found on Transit Road after being struck by a vehicle. He sustained three shell fractures, two of which required immobilization techniques so they would heal properly. Turtle shell healing is fairly slow and it took about four weeks. The shell was sturdy enough that he can be returned to the pond to complete the healing process in the place he calls home!

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