REHOME your pet on your own using our website

-The SPCA Serving Erie County is unable to accept walk-up animal surrenders!* Because the need for animal support services far exceeds our capacity, animal admissions are extremely limited and based on shelter population. On the rare occasion that we have space to admit animals, APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED!*

-To request a call-back from one of our Community Support Services consultants to determine whether your animal can be admitted to the SPCA and to learn more about appointments, please call (716) 875-7360, ext. 209 (for farm animals, ext. 215) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 pm! Providing highly-compassionate in-person care is a priority to us, and this takes time. Due to the high volume of phone calls and visitors, you will be asked to leave a message and it may take up to three business days to receive a return call.

-Please remember the SPCA is not an emergency veterinary clinic! DO NOT  leave a message if you are in an emergency situation with your pet or any animal! Contact your veterinarian or a veterinary emergency clinic ASAP.

REHOME ON YOUR OWN: Because the SPCA prioritizes animals that are the most at-risk and in-need, we may not be able to admit your pet. However, the SPCA can help you rehome your pet on your own using our website! Please visit for more information on this important program.

SAYING GOODBYE: If you have decided it is time to say goodbye to a special pet and require end-of-life euthanasia services, the SPCA can help. To schedule an appointment, please call (716) 875-7360, ext. 209 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. through 4 p.m., and leave a message with your name, contact information, and request for an appointment. Additional information on this service is available here >>

STRAY DOGS: The SPCA is unable to accept stray dogs. Please contact your local police agency or animal control officer in the town in which the animal was found.

STRAY CATS: If you have found a healthy, stray cat, we are unable to accept the cat, but you can schedule a fee-based clinic appointment for your stray! The appointment will include an overall wellness exam, vaccinations, dewormer, feline leukemia test, and a microchip scan, all while you wait! We will also provide you with resources to assist you in finding the cat’s owner. The cat will go home with you the same day.

COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Our community is full of people and organizations dedicated to helping animals!  Our Community Resources page has information about low-cost resources, animal behavior resources, area rescue groups, and more!

-If it is determined that your animal can be admitted to the SPCA and an appointment is made, please fill out the appropriate admission profile prior to your visit:

Dog  |  Cat  |  Small Animal  |  Bird  |  Reptile/Amphibian

*An emergency intake fee of $200 will be required of those bringing animals to us without an appointment that we are able to accept. This fee makes it possible to meet the basic needs these animals have while still providing for both the animals in our care and the animals scheduled to come into our care. In most instances, this fee will not even come close to covering the extra burden now assumed by the SPCA in meeting the special veterinary, housing, or other needs of these animals. It is, however, a resource that lightens the financial care burden incurred when we’re asked to accept these unexpected animals.

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