Animals have been bringing us happiness, comfort, and laughter for thousands of years. The unconditional love of a pet can even brighten even our worst days. These companions are good medicine for anxiety, fear, and depression…even veterans dealing with PTSD.

The big question with pet adoption is: Who is saving who?

A year-old feral cat was rescued by a good Samaritan, named Kevin in his snow-filled backyard. Kevin saw the cat attempting to trek through the snow and shoveled a path to secure the friendly, but scared feline. The cat was shivering and struggling to use to his left hind leg. Kevin brought the cat to the SPCA and our veterinary team quickly began their intake examination. The cat was diagnosed with a severely fractured, necrotic leg that would need to be amputated. Pending a blood test, our team was not sure if the cat would make it due to possible sepsis (blood poisoning due to bacteria) caused by the infected leg. Thankfully, the bloodwork was clean and the cat had a successful amputation surgery. Even more exciting news, after making a gift to help cover the medical costs, Kevin adopted the cat and named him Santa!

Kevin and his wife have recently been dealing with empty nest syndrome after their children have gone off to college. Kevin shared—“The grief was becoming unbearable and now having Santa in our lives, it has refreshed our daily outlook. Santa’s sweet nuzzling, cheerful purring, and comforting presence certainly has rescued my wife and I. We even dedicated a whole floor of our house, consisting of three rooms full of entertainment and comfort for our new three-legged family member. We love you, Santa!”

I hope this may inspire you to give a gift today. You never know who you may be saving!

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