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Not every animal comes to the SPCA Serving Erie County healthy and adoptable. Countless animals like Constance suffer from life-threatening illnesses and injuries, usually the result of abuse and neglect. They require immediate, and expensive, veterinary care that often stretches our resources. Once treatment is administered, many require additional medical care or intense socialization and behavior modification.

Constance, a month-old kitten, was rescued by SPCA Agents after being found injured on the side of the road. She had a fractured femur in her left hind leg that has been splinted and bandaged to heal. Constance will be placed in an SPCA foster home until she leg heals and then placed for adoption.

The SPCA’s Yelp for Help Fund offsets the cost of caring for, and eventually making possible successful adoptions of, these special animals. Can you give these animals in need the hope and happiness they deserve? Your gift will truly help to save lives!

Please note that the SPCA Serving Erie County receives no government funding, no tax dollars, and is not affiliated with any national organizations such as the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States. Your gift will help us care for nearly 12,000 animals each year. 
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