Life can take unexpected twists and turns. Sadly, this can sometimes mean that pet owners are forced to make the difficult and heart-breaking decisions to part with their beloved pets.

To help owners who must make this decision, the SPCA has partnered with’s Rehome program which offers free courtesy pet listings. The Rehome program allows pet owners to take proactive steps in selecting the ideal home for their pet to go to and they provide expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process. With millions of potential adopters using each month, pets find new homes and they never have to spend time at the SPCA.

Rehome is offered as a courtesy to SPCA Serving Erie County patrons.

Available Pets Through Rehome by

The animals featured below are not at the SPCA Serving Erie County. These listings are simply provided as a courtesy from the SPCA extended to people looking to re-home their pet and to people who are looking for a new pet. The SPCA cannot attest to, nor is it responsible for the health or temperament of the animals listed.

If you are interested in a pet, click on their photo below to obtain further information and to apply for possible adoption with the current owner.