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Dinty Moore found in Newstead June 7, 2023 abandoned and muzzled. Photo courtesy of Dinty’s finder.

UPDATE December 12 — Wednesday, Dec. 13 is our 21st annual Radiothon, and Dinty Moore, now Basil’s,  mom Katy will be in to tell her story! Tune in during the 2. p.m.. hour to hear Katy on Newsradio 930 WBEN!

UPDATE July 7 — Well it’s official! Dinty Moore, now Basil, was adopted by Katy in Angola! We know they’ll be living a happy life together filled with love! Thanks to all who made miracles happen for Basil by donating toward her care!

June 19, 2023 —
The region was under a dangerous air quality warning due to Canadian wildfires on June 7, 2023 when a concerned community member noticed a black, soft-sided carrier in a field at the corner of Millgrove Road and Main Street in Newstead. When the gentleman went further to inspect, he realized a Sheepdog mix, alive and muzzled, was abandoned and stuffed inside the small travel tote.

Officers help abandoned dog at the scene June 7. Photo courtesy of Dinty’s finder.

The finder immediately called the Erie County Sheriff’s Office; officers brought the dog to Newstead Dog Control. From there, SPCA officers were notified and opened an investigation into who may have abandoned the dog. Unfortunately, officers have received no leads at this time.

Today, the dog, dubbed Dinty Moore, went up for adoption at the SPCA! Thought to be approximately two years old, Dinty Moore has been described by members of the SPCA’s Behavior Department as fun and playful, and even appears to know some commands!

Dinty Moore, now happy, cleaned up, and ready for his new home June 19.

Dinty is expected to be adopted quickly. To find out if he is still available for adoption, look for his photo on our Adoptable Animals page >>. If Dinty’s photo is not on the page, he is no longer available, but you’ll see photos of other animals at the SPCA waiting for their new homes!

Anyone who may have information about this incident is asked to contact SPCA officers by calling (716) 875-7360, ext. 214. The SPCA will respond to anonymous tips.