Severely-Emaciated Dog Found In Back of Van; Animal Cruelty Charges Pending as Teams Work to Save Logan’s Life

February 29, 2024
By: SPCA Communications Manager Bethany Kloc

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Found during a traffic stop in a wheelbarrow in the back of an allegedly-stolen vehicle, Logan was barely hanging onto his life. He was so weak and emaciated that he could barely move; he could only lift his head slightly.

The SPCA’s law enforcement team was contacted about this heartbreaking case of cruelty by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and representatives from the Town of Concord earlier this week (information on cruelty charges detailed below). Looking into his eyes, we knew we had to do whatever it took to try to save this dog’s life. No matter the cost.

Due to the severity of his emaciation with a body condition score of 1/9, we transported Logan to an emergency veterinary facility for the intensive care he required. Cases of emaciation this severe are so often deceiving, and due to internal complications, a prognosis can change within mere moments.

Today marks a small victory – for the first time, Logan is up with the assistance of the emergency veterinary team. However, his journey to recovery is long, and the veterinary bills have already surpassed $3,000 and continue to climb. We’re committed to helping Logan regain his strength, but we can’t do it alone.

Logan’s life hangs in the balance, and we urgently need your support. Donations will help us save Logan and other dogs in dire need. Please give here >>, and write “Logan” in the comments.

Your generosity can help us provide the care he desperately needs. Let’s unite and give Logan the second chance at life this good boy deserves!

Animal cruelty charges are pending against Logan’s owner, who has already been charged by other law enforcement agencies on additional violations during this incident. Updates on this disturbing story of animal cruelty will be posted here as they become available.

Help Save Logan’s Life >>