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From Sierra, The Magazine of the Sierra Club:

Thousands of Wild Animals Are Killed Annually in New York for Fun; New Yorkers urge Governor Hochul to sign a wildlife killing contests bill before the end of the year

By: Lindsey Botts
November 13, 2023

Sierra magazine featured  a thorough and comprehensive article today written by Lindsey Botts, digital editor at the magazine. In the article, Botts says, “Many wildlife organizations, such as Project Coyote and the Humane Society, say most New Yorkers have no idea animals are killed in this way and warn these contests are an ineffective way to manage a species. One Humane Society survey from last year found that over 80 percent of respondents opposed wildlife killing contests. As far as impacts on livestock, the number of sheep in New York—the state’s primary livestock—has remained steady around 80,000, for years, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture. And the NY Department of Environmental Conservation estimates that the state may have too many deer.  

“The coalition of advocates also says that rapacious killing is unnecessarily cruel and unethical. Small- to medium-sized predators play a crucial role in keeping ecosystems healthy. They prey on rodents such as mice, reducing the spread of ticks and Lyme disease, and they eat sick and weak animals, ensuring that healthy individuals live on the landscape. These contests also undermine the state’s ability to recover wolves, an endangered species at the federal and state levels. In December 2021, a hunter shot a wolf and told the state wildlife agency that he thought it was a coyote. ”

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